Thursday, March 10, 2011

Loose Ends

Wow it's been a long time it seems since I last wrote something.  There are so many "little" tidbits that I want to update you on that I will start right away.

My Health class isn't going very well.  So far I've shown up for 4 classes but nobody else has.  I've told all the young moms I know, I've made posters, we've offered a fruit basket prize as well as free food, and it's been advertised on the radio station, but still, no show.  It seems we've done everything short of paying people to come!  I now have a few people that are saying to me that they are interested (they've said that before) and that they'll come but I'll believe it when I see it...  I'm not discouraged or anything.  I feel bad getting paid for seemingly "nothing" (I do put my hours in however doing research on the slow internet, baking, putting together the recipes etc).  I feel disappointed because I would really like to be teaching the young moms of the community.  I'm really excited about this opportunity but haven't been able to reach out to anyone yet.  Who knows, maybe it's because I'm the RCMP's wife.  Every once in a while I become aware that Brian has dealt with some of my acquaintances or their partners (it's a small town and people talk!).  I usually don't find out until long after it's happened but I wonder how they feel when they are around me - they must wonder if I know or maybe what I think of them...  Also, I'm still the new white girl in town.  Maybe they are thinking "Who does she think she is?  She's only been here a couple months...".  I have no idea.  I guess I'll see what happens on Saturday.

My sewing class is coming to an end.  I was so far behind because I had to miss 3 classes in a row (terrible stomach flu and Brian was called out one evening).  I did bring my material home and will finish it this weekend before the last class on Tuesday.  I was told by the elder that I had done a good job for my first time.  I was very pleased to hear this.  Tonight, however I found out that while the outer layer is almost done (sealskin and sheepskin), I still have to make the inner sock liner with fake fur and insulated fabric (the fabric they use to make the inside liners of parkas).  So I will go to Leonie's and buy what I need so that the elder can get me started on Tuesday.

There were three very excited little boys yesterday when a much anticipated parcel came.  It was the bouncy castle Brian had ordered (it was a small ordeal to get it here since it had to shipped to his parents in Florida and they had to ship it to us - it's amazing how many online shopping sites won't ship to Canada!).  Anyway what a great idea (if I do say so myself ;o).  It's HUGE and takes up our entire living room from side to side and top to bottom , but all three boys can jump in it at the same time.  They LOVE it and so far have had so much fun.  I recently read that children need 30 minutes at least of physical activity per day.  While I try to play with them outside everyday, of course weather permitting, sometimes we simply can't stay out that long.  And as I've mentioned before, my boys have lots of wonderful energy.  So between walking home from school, playing outside, the Wii, and this bounceroo, I'm confident now that they are getting the exercise they need.  Not to mention how nice it is to watch them play, laugh and bond together.  I sometimes mind not having a girl but at the same time I LOVE having three boys.  They are best friends.

As mentioned we also now have a Wii.  The movers  packed the Wii we had received from a wonderful spoiling friend of mine as a Christmas gift and put it into storage (or they stole it!).  Well the moving company replaced it (gladly actually!).  The boys (big AND small :o) are having fun learning how to sword fight, bowl, cycle, play ping pong etc.  It's been a fun family activity and a nice alternative to watching TV during Isaac's nap.  I'm so thankful to have these luxuries because it makes our everyday lives a little special.  We don't have McDonald's, play groups, pools or Tim Hortons.  So I'm glad to have these fun options.

Anyway that's all the time I have for now since Brian is hoping (and I am hoping) to book our flights tonight for our trip out in May for my sister's wedding...    

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