Sunday, March 20, 2011

Time Stood Still

Alright, time did not stand still but it didn't change either (I'm sure scientists would have issues with that statement but bear with me for a minute).  Last weekend, while most people were complaining about losing an hour of sleep, I was unaware that it was time to change the time.  The reason being, Coral Harbour does not do the Daylight Savings thing.  We are the only place in Nunavut that doesn't change the time.  I have no idea why but I do know that it wouldn't make a difference where daylight is concerned.  We are already getting a lot of daylight and it's getting scary as to how much more we are going to get (still 3 months to go for the summer solstice).  It's nice and bright well before 7am and there was still light in the sky at 7:45 last night.  My boys routinely wake up before 7am now (they used to sleep in until 7:30am) but it's so nice being able to walk Benjamin to school and feel the warm sun on my back.  It's nice to be back in the Manitoban time zone (central time zone, I believe).  In a strange way I feel "closer to home".  Now when I call my friends in Selkirk I don't need to wonder "what time is it there?", "is it suppertime or bedtime?".  The hour difference with Ontario is also great since my mom works late and she usually sleeps in so by the time things are settled with the kids it's usually a good time to call her (instead of waking her up half the time - sorry mom!).  The only negative with the whole "no time change" thing is the fact that I am back to Loserville when it comes to television.  Now, the few shows I enjoy watching are all at 7pm, right at bedtime!  No, we don't have a PVR (not sure how that would work here but I bet they'd be a FORTUNE) and my VHS is so ancient it doesn't tape channels higher than 12...  I will also miss only having one hour difference with my in-laws.  Two hours, although we make it work, is more difficult to stay in touch.  Especially with Heather and Sara my sisters-in-law because, by the time the boys are in bed, it's around 10pm - too late to call.  I can't have it all!  Half the year will be great for my mom and Manitoban friends and the other half, great for TV and my in-laws...

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