Sunday, March 20, 2011

Time Runs Away and Blowdryers Blow Up

We recently had a Coral Harbour mystery explained to us.  When we first moved here, we noticed (and wondered why) that the clocks were all ahead, about 15 minutes.  A couple of weeks later, I was SURE that the clocks were at least 20 minutes ahead (no we had not changed the clocks yet ;o).  Finally we decided to change the clocks to the proper time, only to notice that, slowly over time, the clocks get further and further ahead...

Since we moved here, I managed to "burn" three hairdryers.  Ok fine, the first one was old (I had brought a new one thinking the old one was going to die at some point) but the other two were brand new.  I would plug it in, dry my hair a little and boom! dead.  Not fun when it's minus 50 outside!

Anyway, we recently had someone in to do some maintenance work on the house and he explained to me that the generators in Coral Harbour (this is where my electrical knowledge and terminology goes out the window so, once again, bear with me) emit power surges and these are the culprit for the clocks getting faster and faster.  While the man didn't think there was anything really wrong with the outlets (even though there were voltage drops), and he didn't have an explanation for my hair dryers, he did admit it was strange.  He suggested we buy a really good (and really expensive) power bar to protect our important electronics (TV, laptop etc.) from these surges.  I told him that he better go to the office to personally tell Brian that we should buy this expensive power bar... ;o)


  1. If you need help persuading Brian just let me know, Hughie was a huge fan of his power bars. We had a "Monster" powerbar hooked up to our Theatre system and PS3 and a power bar for our laptop. We even had a power bar in the bedroom for the radio charger and the alarm clocks..... .... we had powerbars everywhere.
    lol - the only clock in my house that didn't change in Kugaaruk was the laptop and satellite....

  2. Hi!!

    Carrie Gavel gave me this link to check out...she is a good friend of mine from NS. My family moved to Nunavut with the RCMP (three days ago!!), and I would love to make some northern connections. And from reading your blog, it seems like we may have some thing in common!

    If you would like to contact me, my email is

    Hope to hear from you soon!