Wednesday, December 22, 2010

3 days 'till Christmas

Last night I braved the store.  It took me 5 minutes to walk and I was back within 25 minutes.  I was thinking of all of you in the South trying to do last minute stuff.  Trying to find parking, last minute baking or gift buying...  I said to a number of friends before moving here that I would be happy not to run one more errand, not to go to another mall or to make one more return.  I told you the truth and so far I still mean it.

This is a strange advent season for me because so much is different.  I don't have any baking done (and I probably won't be able to since I have no bakeware, mixer, bowls or many ingredients for that matter!), very few houses have lights, there may or may not be a Christmas Eve service, and the reality is that we don't have much to do (no family here and, well, only 4 friends - Hali, Chad and the kids!).  I guess this is the perfect year to focus on Jesus' birth.  It's strange and sad that I'm not even quite sure what that means or how to do that.  The comforting thing is that I know Jesus will show me.  Usually Christmas is a time that we like to help those in need around us, but we don't know anyone!  It would have been nice to set up a hamper but no program like that even exists here.  Brian and Chad are responsible for distributing the toys (I'm not sure who donated them) to all the kids in the community.  I think I might like to join Brian with our boys in doing that...

We are having Christmas dinner with the Butler family, which is really nice because even though I have a turkey in my freezer, I don't have anything to cook it in!  I was planning on making Miriam Burzuik's Hawaiian meatballs with Colleen Irwin's wild rice casserole along with the Ward family shrimp dip (we brought canned shrimp with us on the plane ;o).  I guess now I will save that menu for New Years.  First however I have to make sure that I can find all the ingredients at the store.  I'm a little worried about the wild rice.  Actually, I'm A LOT worried.  We'll see I guess.

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  1. Your New Year's menu sounds great! So that's whose rice casserole that is... I may have to get that recipe. That casserole was so good. Nice to be able to walk to the store in five minutes and be home again in less than half an hour. I went to Safeway yesterday (with all three kids) for about 10 items and it took at least half an hour inside the store, nevermind getting there and back! And the red peppers at Safeway didn't seem to be any nicer than the ones you described to me the other day, if it's any consolation.