Sunday, December 26, 2010

My New Best Friend

Boxed Mashed Potatoes.  Yup you read me right.  Idahoan boxed mashed potatoes are my new best friend for the following reasons
1.  They are the fluffiest, creamiest and smoothest mashed potatoes I've ever had.
2.  They take MINUTES to make.
3.  They are SO much cheaper than buying a bag of potatoes.
4.  They are effortless.

Hali, my neighbour suggested that I start buying them to save money (not to mention to save myself the frustration of buying a bag full of rotten or soft potatoes).  She even suggested that I make them for our Christmas turkey dinner.  REALLY?  "You want me to bring BOXED mashed potatoes to our Christmas dinner?"  Yup.  Well, Brian and I were impressed.  Actually these boxed potatoes were a big topic of conversation at last night's dinner.  Now I'm sure that they are stripped of every nutrient because they are so refined and yadda yadda.  BUT at least there's an alternative.  A really decent one at that!

Now I don't suggest you bring these mashed potatoes as your contribution to the next potluck or get-together, unless you are very good at lying that is.  "Wow, these are the best mashed potatoes I've ever had!"  "Yes I know, it's my secret recipe...".  It just seems wrong to bring boxed potatoes to a Christmas dinner but there you have it, the girl who prefers anything made from scratch, provided BOXED mashed potatoes and we all LOVED them!

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