Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kids make everything more "interesting"

It once took my friend Jenna an entire day to make these beautiful alligator cookies.  They tasted great and looked fabulous.  Well, I'm not sure what our gingerbread cookies will look or taste like, but it's definitely going to take us all day to complete the process.  We (when I say "we" I mean myself and my 3 little, ahem, "helpers") managed to get the dry ingredients mixed before lunch.  Once Isaac was down for his nap, Benjamin, Nathan and I took advantage of our "alone" time to finish the batter.  I was just about to take the batter out of the refrigerator when my neighbour called to borrow the rolling pin (the one I had borrowed from her - along with the bowls, hand mixer, cookie sheet and whisk).  So now the baby just woke up and the cookies aren't rolled or baked (not to mention that the dough has probably chilled too much by now ;o)

Gotta go get my baby and I think that "my" rolling pin is at the door!

Cookies are rolled, cut and baked.  While doing all of that would have simpler while Isaac was napping, it certainly would not have been as funny.  Isaac, I think, is very smart (of course I think that I'm his mommy!) because he catches on to things VERY quickly.  Not 2 seconds into the process that he was right in there trying to pound the batter and using the cutters (even on cookies that had already been cut!).  Isaac was also my batter monster.  If he is sick with raw egg poisoning I promise you that I TRIED to keep him from eating the dough, but the little turkey grabbed every little morsel he could.  Not to mention that every time I turned my back he was on the table ripping pieces off the cookie sheet.  Benjamin and Nathan thought this was absolutely hilarious and of course that's all Isaac needed to keep going.

My little helpers also wrapped daddy's Christmas gifts this morning.  Well, Isaac managed to crumple every single last piece of wrapping paper, running away with the rolls a few times.  Then he ruined the scotch tape dispenser and also ran with scissors.  Benjamin and Nathan did a great job with their wrapping and I'm sure daddy will be sooooo proud.

Today, in my heart, was a bit of a sad day.  My church friends usually get together on Thursday mornings and here we were with nowhere to go and missing our dear, dear friends.  So this is what I took out of simply being home just the 4 of us:
1.  How thankful I am for my 3 rambunctious little boys.  They keep me busy, they make me laugh and while they make every activity one hundred times more complicated, they also make everything way more interesting (as long as I take the time, the patience and the right attitude to include them).
2.  It's going to be a LONG 4 years... (ha! just kidding!)
3.  It's not easy making new friends.  It's risky putting oneself out there and waiting to see what the "verdict" is.  I've never liked making new friends.  I am far too sensitive for the "I wonder if she likes" thing (besides I feel like I'm too old for this! ;o)  It's also very humbling to feel so needy and dependant on one single person because you have NO ONE else.

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