Monday, December 20, 2010

Glad Tidings, Bounceroos and Leonie

Well I've finally met the infamous Mrs. Leonie Duffy.  If you've done any online research of Coral you will have come across her name.  According to websites, she is the owner of the one and only hotel and the sewing store.  In Rankin Inlet, her artwork is showcased at the airport.  I just had this impression that she was a prominent member of the community.  Well I was right!

We walked into Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church and who was there to meet us?  You guessed it - Leonie!    She is ALSO one of the church leaders, the worship leader (with a loud and beautifully boisterous voice), the translator for the pastor (?) and probably so much more!  I think I took her off guard with my excitement and zeal of meeting her...  Ooops! :o)

Church was an experience.  The worship was exactly what you would expect.  Joyful, loud and very traditional (indigenous) sounding.  Familiar songs such as "This is the Day", "When the Saints Come Marching In" to name a few, were sung both in Inuktitut and English.  The speaker, Leonie's husband we think, will take some getting use to.  You see neither Brian or I have a Pentecostal background...

We can see the church from our "front yard" and it takes minutes (at a slow pace) to walk to.  But in good Ward family fashion, we had to take the truck because guess what? Yup, we were running late.  Pathetic and embarrassing.

In the afternoon, I took Benjamin and Nathan to play outside with some of the other kids.  We walked over to the 2 Inukshuk (not sure of the plural of this word yet) that we have a few yards away in the back of our home.  We've had very mild weather since we moved here but nonetheless the wind has bite.  So we had hot chocolate at the Butler residence (the other RCMP family) and had a wonderful time bouncing and giggling on their bounceroo.  It was hilarious to watch the kids.  Chad and Hali purchased the air-filled beast when they were posted in NWT and had 24 hrs of darkness.  Once in a while, when the kids need to blow off some steam, they move all the furniture and let 'er go!  I think we will be buying one for ourselves this summer when they move.

My evening was blessed by a package that my in-laws sent.  My mother-in-law so thoughtful.  In the box was a Ziplock bag filled with small branches of evergreen.  It brightens up my dinning room since I put them in a "vase".  Also included was a tin of Polar Berry tea.  I am sipping it right now and I love it.  Thanks Harold and Donna! PS the chocolates are also very much appreciated  - we will not be buying any from the Northern Store since a box of Turtles for example is over $20!

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