Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Big News

Today's big news in Coral Harbour is that the bridge on the road leading to the airport has been washed out.  So as of right now there is no way to get to the airport (many are put-out since they were supposed to leave today!).  What would happen if someone really needed to be "medivaced" (not sure how to spell this common-around-here word), I have no idea!  Someone said this morning something about using a boat.  You know when you don't really know a person and have no idea if they are kidding?  Yeah, well I had no idea if she was serious, but apparently she was since that's what they had to do 2 or 4 years ago when this happened.

UPDATE:  Brian just got home from being at the scene (man he gets to have all the fun!) and it's not the bridge but the road that has been washed out.  The swelling waters pushed part of the dirt road right over!  The town diggers are working overtime to fix it but someone was explaining to Brian that it's only going to get worse since the waters are rising because the snow is melting and running down the mountains (yes apparently the island has mountains further North) to pour into the Bay.  It's like going through flooding season in Manitoba!  Kinda feels like home... :o)

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