Saturday, June 4, 2011

"Look At Me From The Side, Do I Look Different To You?" Part 2

Coral Harbour is not the same as when we left it on May 3rd.  I guess a lot can change in a month.  Time again for a list:

1. For one, the snow has considerably melted and when I look out my back windows into the wilderness, I can see about 1/3 brown land.  Since I've only ever seen Coral Harbour covered in snow, I still do a double take every time I look outside and notice the big brown patches.  Brian commented on how it was prettier when it was pristinely covered in snow. Yup, now our winter wonderland is looking quite dirty and it's only going to get worse as the remainder of the snow melts.  
2.  The days leading to our departure to go south the temperatures where still close to -30 degrees and now the temperatures are hovering above zero.  Actually it's been mostly raining since we got back.  The first time I heard the pitter patter of the rain on our tin roof, I stopped and once again, did a double take.  Rain.  A new sound.  When I look out my front windows, I see mud, gravel and HUGE puddles.  Little boys' paradise.  Mommies' worst nightmare.  While getting the boys dressed for extreme cold was a challenge, at least they always came in dry and clean.  I am trying to prepare myself mentally for the dirt onslaught that will result every time my boys come in from outside.  I purchased rain pants for the boys at MEC, now I wish I had bought them rubber body suits.  I don't know how long things take here to dry up, but even when it does, there is no grass or pavement here.  It's all dirt and gravel in town.  This should be interesting.
3.  Coral Harbour has new residents.  I noticed them immediately while driving home from the airport.  I was really happy to see the snow geese, canada geese, sea gulls and other non-black-ugly-birds.  I couldn't get a good look at the smaller song (?) birds so I have no idea what they are called (but I will ask around you can be sure of that!).  I am happy to see these birds because I am a bit of a bird person.  I loved filling my bird feeders and watching the bluejays and chickadees fill their bellies while I was doing the dishes back in Selkirk.  I enjoy learning the local different species.  Well, the only birds here in Coral Harbour in the wintertime are crows (or ravens).  That's it.  I tried to find beauty in them but it was hard.  Today the boys and I used binoculars to check out our new neighbours and they actually seemed a little excited themselves.
4.  The first thing we did after we had dinner on Thursday night (the night we arrived home) was to re-apply tinfoil all over Isaac's bedroom window (the previous application was insufficient!).  We are pretty much into 24 hrs of daylight and we needed to kill every speck of light that tried to peek through lest we wanted to have a 3am wake up call.  The first thing we did after the boys were in bed was to put the new room darkening curtains up in our 3 bedroom windows.  Best money I every spent.  It's a crazy feeling to wake up at different times in the night and STILL see daylight.  At bedtime, we have to close the bathroom door and block the windows in our barge room (the 4th bedroom upstairs used for storing food and supplies) because it's too bright and it tricks our brains into thinking it's time to get up.  It's been so cloudy since we got back that I still don't know at what time the sun sets (if it does.  I think the sun does set, but I think that it hovers  below the horizon until it rises again).  Actually for my own interest I just looked it up. The sun sets tonight at 10:42pm and rises at 2:16am.  Yihaa!  Well, not only is it the sun's bedtime, it is also mine.  Time to put my sleep mask on!

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