Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Longest Day

Happy first day of summer everyone!  This morning the sun rose this morning at 2am and will set tonight at 11:07pm.  The daylight has been playing with our brain.  Brian and I cannot seem to get to bed much earlier than 11:30pm these days.  We stay up chatting and watching TV together.  There seems to be something mental about "seeing" the sunset that says to my brain "ok, it's time to go to bed now".  Last night, I decided I wanted to go out and try to take pictures of the geese and ducks in our backyard "river".  Nine thirty seemed like a great time to go out.  The sun was shinning, the birds were chirping and it was quite mild since the wind had died down.  I didn't get in too late, but my problem (as is most nights) is that instead of going straight to bed when I got home, I decided to sit down with Brian.  Well an HOUR later we went to bed...  The only good thing is that Brian did such a good job covering the boys' windows that they usually sleep until after 7am.  Still, I feel chronically tired these days :o)  One night Isaac woke us up and we had NO idea what time it was.  The sun was shinning so brightly that Brian was going to get him out of bed but when I looked at the time it was 3:30am!!!!!  Thank goodness I checked.  If I get up in the night I have trouble going back to sleep afterwards.  Once again the sun plays with my brain.  We've covered most windows upstairs but not all of them and seeing sun rays is like a psychedelic light show for my neurons.

In many ways we "Southerners" seem to go against the grain here.  Of of these ways is where sleep patterns are concerned.  People laugh out loud at us when we tell them our sleep schedule.  Right now most kids are staying up until the wee hours of the morning.  Some have bragged staying up until 4,5 or 6 am and they sleep all morning.  But it's not just the kids, the parents are pretty much doing the same thing.  It's funny because I've invited some kids over to play in the mornings since Isaac naps in the afternoon and I reserve that time to work with Benjamin and Nathan, to make supper and workout.  Well as of yet, the kids haven't come because they are all sleeping!  Oh well, that's not my problem.  And when they show up in the afternoon I have to reiterate my reasoning.

Sadly, after tonight it's all downhill from here.  The days only get shorter and shorter.  Of course this is the same as for the rest of you but it seems more dramatic to me since I've moved here.  The differences in the days are more dramatic from summer to winter.  On December 21st 2012 the sunrise will be at 10:27am and the sunset at 2:34pm...  Yuck.  Thank goodness the change is gradual!

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