Friday, June 3, 2011

Welcome Home

After flying on 10 planes, visiting 3 different countries (Canada, US and Mexico), and spending time in 4 different provinces (Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia) I am back.  I am exhausted.  I need a vacation from my vacation. BUT it was so worth it.  I had a blast and would do it all again.

We came home yesterday and I am happy to be back.  Despite how much I already miss my family and friends, how different life is in Coral Harbour and how little time we've lived here, this is home.  Even though my bed technically isn't my bed, it is home.  Within minutes of arriving home, one of "my"girls showed up at our door to say "HI!!!!!!" and "I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!".  A couple of minutes after she left, 3 more girls came by and talked my ear off for 20 minutes (I missed about half of what they were talking about because they were talking so fast and cutting each other off supplementing one another's story).  During our "conversation", one of the girl's presented me with a friendship ring (a cute jewelled lady bug!) since they were all wearing one.  I am greatly honoured and humbled.  It's good to be back.  I originally thought of not having them over tonight (for the usual Friday night visit from 6pm to 7:30pm) since we are so tired and up to our eyeballs in laundry and unpacking, but how could I say no?  They were so excited and kept repeating how much they missed us and frankly, I missed them too.  So we sat, ate the decorated cupcakes that I made today, coloured in my many colouring books, chatted, looked at my pictures, played the Wii and did some much needed catching up.    

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