Sunday, June 5, 2011

Who doesn't like a hug?

Today something really sweet and unexpected happened to me.  While on our "on the town" walk with the boys one of the local girls (not one of the young ones, but one of my peers) that I've been getting to know a little bit came quickly over to me and gave me a huge heartfelt hug.  My very first uninitiated hug.  Words cannot describe how I felt.  Well I can start by saying that I am foolish for saying to many people during my vacation that Inuk women are more reserved (and many are), but maybe it simply just takes time.  I was really happy to see her and invited her over for dinner tomorrow night (I had planned to call her tonight to ask her but saw her in person instead!).  I am sad that she may not be able to make it since she might be leaving with her family to go camping.  I got the impression that they would be gone for a while.  They are waiting for their big tent to arrive in the mail.  Is it bad that I hope it doesn't come tomorrow? :o)  

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