Friday, June 3, 2011

"Look At Me From The Side, Do I Look Different To You?" Part 1

"Look At Me From The Side, Do I Look Different To You?", is my favourite quote from Disney's movie "Aladdin" when the genie essentially asks Aladdin if he's changed at all in the many years that he was stuck in the lamp.  I used to watch this movie over and over again when I was a teenager and knew the movie pretty much by heart.  My sister and I bring up this quote about 3-4x per year, STILL, if not more.  ANYway, this quote is very fitting since both Coral Habour and I have changed in the last month.

Let's start with me shall we?  Well for starters, I got my hair cut and feels sooo good and fresh.  I'm already dreading the next number of months when I will be going through that awkward growing out phase again.  I will have to seriously think about whether or not I should cut it again in the fall or let it grow out for simplicity sake.  Secondly, I am tanned.  Not as tanned as I was upon my return from Mexico on May 21st but still more glowing then when I left (not hard to beat since someone called me snow white...).  Thirdly, just like the genie, I believe my side profile may have enlarged slightly  ;o)  It was so difficult not to indulge in all my cravings while on vacation.  I WANTED and felt ENTITLED to all those lattes.  I get to enjoy food twice a year so, guess what?  I enjoyed it guilt free.  We met some friends for lunch one day at Boston Pizza and I simply couldn't decide between the BBQ chicken pizza and the chipotle chicken salad (This is Sandra's fault. If she had not ordered that salad for herself, I would have been FINE with my pizza).  The punch line is that I ordered both and ate some of both (ok most of both).  I will not step foot in a restaurant for another 6 months therefore in my mind, I deserved it.  So while I didn't beat myself up while I was on vacation, I am not ready to get on the scale.  I'm giving myself a grace period to adjust to back to normal eating, water drinking and exercising before I see what the real damage is.   Funny thing, we were just talking about the weight gain factor while on vacation with another RCMP member tonight.  When he came back to work, his belt didn't fit him.  So there is something to be proud of, at least my pants still fit me! :-)

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