Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Anticipated Pictures vol. 2

Hooray for Brian!  He finally received a work camera and now we can use the cables to upload our pictures onto the computer from our Nikon.  It may not seem like much work, but uploading all the pictures in vol. 1 and 2 has essentially taken me all day.  At one point I was doing the dishes while uploading the pictures.  Today was a "cold day" when school is cancelled because the temperature was below -50 degrees.  I was nice to be able to focus on getting these pictures on - but I had to ignore my boys for a good part of the day (I am mostly kidding, they played really well today so it was a mellow day for all of us.)  Anyway I hope you enjoy them! 

One of the many fishing boats in town.  Notice the polar bear skin hanging from the back pole (no idea what that's called).

Benjamin and Nathan by the Inukshuk behind our house.

This is the community grave.  I can see it off in the distance from my back windows.

Moonset.  Once again, my lack of a zoom lens really takes away from the picture.  The moon was the biggest that I had ever seen.  This is also part of our view from our back windows.

The rectangular blue building on the left hand side is our duplex.  We live on the left side and this is the back of the house.  In the middle is Nathan exploring his new surroundings and there is one of the two Inukshuks on the right.

My boys playing on a mountain of snow in the afternoon.  This was taken not long after we moved here and so it was getting dark quite early.  It was actually quite mild when we moved here so we were able to take the camera outside a few times before the real cold hit...

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