Sunday, February 27, 2011

Teacher Tania

My first class was supposed to be last Wednesday but I had to cancel it due to my catching the worst stomach bug I've ever had.  I had to finish preparing for my class on Saturday afternoon totally sleep deprived (from having been up all night with sick boys) and weak (from not having eaten in 4 days).   Preparing for this class was actually a little comical and quite rudimentary.  It has taken me back to my high school days or earlier.  No Power Point or fancy gimmicks, nope, I had to pull out my leftover packing paper and markers to make graphs and other illustrations (the Northern Store didn't have bristol board).  I packed all my things (bakeware, ingredients, presentation copies, muffins etc.) in boxes, put them on an orange children's sled and walked over to the venue.  I walked in, got everything ready and waited... for 45 minutes.  It was at that point I decided to go back home because nobody could be THAT late.
Part of the problem is that everything is lackadaisical here, last minute really.  I asked the lady how many were going to be in attendance and she said she didn't know because she was going to announce it on the radio Saturday morning.  Anyway the lady felt bad (I didn't, I was relieved since I didn't quite feel myself yet), and told me she was going to bribe people with the possibility of winning a prize at my next class.  So here's hoping that a few people will show up on Wednesday.

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  1. Hi Tania
    I have been following your blog since you left. We met a few times in Selkirk through our kids and Carrie & Sandra. You may or may not remember that I am a teacher in a high school close to Selkirk. I am wondering if you would mind if one of the teachers who is currently teaching a unit on the Artic in his class show students your blog. You would be providing students in our school some very valuable life lessons with your accounts of life in the Arctic.
    Thanks in advance.
    Lisa Michaleski a.k.a Jackson's mom!!