Sunday, February 20, 2011

Coral Kiss FM

Ok so I'm not in the know.  I showed up at my sewing class on Thursday night only to see that it was dark inside with no one there.  Hmmmmm.  I'm the only one who showed up.  How come everybody else knew that it was cancelled but me?  Friday morning I packed up the kids and pulled them to them to Daycare for my much anticipated "morning off" (to clean, blog, exercise, and fold) only to find out that it was closed.  Grrrr (now instead of having a morning to myself I had 2 cranky boys to contend with...).  Last night I walked to my sewing class again to find it cancelled...  I was a little annoyed but walked over to my friends house to have a little visit.  Well on my way back the lights were on at the Daycare building (where the classes are held) so I walked in.  Of course I asked all the questions you are thinking about and the answer was "we heard it on the radio".  What?  When?  In English or just in Inuktitut?  Well anyway I guess I'm going to have to start listening to the local radio station on the days I have something planned.  Since many people here don't have a telephone, they use the radio as a message board.  "Hey I'm looking for so-and-so, could you please tell him to come to my house" or "I have extra food if anyone wants some supper" (as one young girl's mother does) or again "sewing class is cancelled tonight" or "sewing class has been changed from 6pm to 7pm" (as was the case last night!).  I'm going to have ask for more info like when are these such announcements?  It's not much fun listening to, what to me, is gibberish all day long in the hopes of catching something in English that MIGHT be related to me.   I think one of the ladies said that the announcements are from 12pm to 1pm and then again around 5pm to 6pm, but she wasn't sure.  I will also try getting more key phone numbers but often people aren't home.  I'm just really glad that I took the time to go to my friends house instead of going straight home...

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