Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Social Butterfiles

It's crazy how things can change in 5-6 weeks.  Of course we didn't know anyone when we first moved here, but last week we were very busy with dinners invites, dinner guests, playdates, yoga and exercise classes nearly every night.  It's been great getting to know some of the local moms as well as some of the "southerners" (mostly the teachers) that are here for work.  The downside to all these food related activities is that it's been not so good for my plans to lose a little weight...  Oh well, all the exercise classes kept me at "neutral" - thank goodness!  I've decided to have a girl's night at my house this Saturday night (Feb 12th) for a chocolate fondue.  I've tried to make it a tradition to have these girl's nights no matter where I am so this is my first of many for Coral Harbour I hope.  Thinking about these such nights is making me homesick for my girlfriends in Selkirk.  Sadly, I was unable to plan as many playdates and girls nights as I would have liked in my last number of months there...  I have only invited the "southerners" for this one (as opposed to also include some of my local friends) since I'm not sure how it would turn out.  And since I don't know anyone here very well, I decided to take it slow.  My friend Jenna has called me "the glue" in the past.  Referring to a person that brings people from different groups of friends or from different walks of life together.  I imagine that I will think of something to bridge that gap...  In time, when I get to know everyone better.


  1. I Miss your fondue nights! oh Tania....

  2. I miss you too! I went out for dessert with some friends last night, but they don't pig out like you and I used to do...I ate the most and felt guilty after. But with you - never any guilt, lol!