Friday, February 4, 2011

Fishing Village

What a beautiful morning.  Of course it was beautiful, it was 30 degrees warmer than just a couple days ago (it was - 24 this am)!!!!!  I REALLY enjoyed my morning walks today (dropping and picking up the boys).  Of course I did, I could breathe, I could see, and I could feel my skin.  I could take my time and enjoy the scenery around me.  I could wave to passer-bys and I could walk to the Northern Store to buy a few things.  I took in the scenery this morning and I've decided that Coral Harbour is pleasant looking. It may actually be really nice, I think.  Either that or it's really grown on me.  It's a small town with a few hills and big rocks.  The town caresses a weaving shore.  Today I noticed all the boats.  There are actually quite a few homes that had fishing boats parked beside them, especially the homes right on the shore.  Then I noticed that some of the newer housing complexes (I think they are apartments or condos) are brightly coloured.  One was red, one dark blue, one light blue, two creamy yellow and one beige. All of a sudden it hit me.  This reminds me of a fishing village in Newfoundland!  The coloured houses, the boats, the shore, the rugged terrain...  How quaint.  I can't wait to see this place in the summer.  I can't wait to see the water.  I bet this place is beautiful.  I can't wait to take my kids to see and play by the shore - they will LOVE it.  I can't wait to experience the buzz of the local people coming and going on the Bay.  I bet more people will be out and about.  Actually I've heard many stories of the town never sleeping in the summer because of all the daylight.  It's interesting that this place reminds me of Newfoundland (Rankin Inlet really reminded me of NFLD because it's even rockier) since many people who come to these communities to work are Newfoundlanders, especially the managerial staff at the grocery stores (actually ALL the managerial staff that I've met here at both stores and in Rankin where all from NFLD).  I'm not entirely sure of all the reasons why, but I've heard that NFLD advertises working in Nunavut.  Well if you have managerial experience and want to be able to retire early come work in the North!  Apparently it's well worth it.  I like it!  And I'll be your friend ;-)

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  1. You are so amazing! Coral Harbour is so lucky to have you! And selkirk is still mourning our loss.. I am excited for you for the summer! amazing experiences..