Friday, February 4, 2011

Future Opportunities

Today it occurred to me that I really like living here.  It's amazing what a month and a half can do!  I wonder if we will have any say, but I'm already thinking that I won't want to leave in two years.  Actually, I don't want to leave now.  Having to start all over in a new community makes me want to cry.  I find it really hard.  I love going to daycare and chatting with the ladies, going to the grocery store and knowing many by name, and having people over for dinner or playdates.  I love the feeling of settling in, of being a part of the community - despite being and looking so different.  Brian and I have talked about the possibility of going to Rankin Inlet after our stent here.  It would make a lot of sense.  Rankin is closer (one less flight) to home, it's bigger (has 2 hotels, restaurants, coffee shop, and I'm assuming more stores or amenities) and the detachment is bigger too.  Actually the Ranking Inlet RCMP boss (I forget his ranking oops!) has been here in Coral Harbour this week and he was telling Brian that we should head there in 2 years since he will need a member then.  This should be great news.   Funny thing is though is that now we aren't so sure.  We've met a few people lately that had moved there and having been so homesick, they moved back.  They talk about how different it is.  The people are different (more alcohol related problems since it's not a dry community like Coral Harbour), the hunting isn't as good (more caribou here and there aren't any geese in Ranking like they have here - I'm looking forward to seeing them this summer), it's bigger and it's much colder there (nobody seems to know why).  Hhhhmmmmmm.  Something to pray about.  I wonder if they would ever let us stay here for the 4 years?  One downside to this is the fact that we wouldn't get to experience living in a different Inuit community.  They say every community has it's own "feel" or "flavour".  I mean, if we are going to come this far we may as well experience as much as possible.  I a lso have to think of my boys and possibly being able to offer them more in a bigger community. I will have to look into what that "more" would be.  Would there be "more" for my boys to get into trouble or would there be more athletic, recreational and educational resources?  I think I would like to spend a day or so in Rankin on our way through this summer to look around, get a feel for the place and see what it has to offer.  It seems terrible to talk about leaving when we just got here but I know that it will fly.  For now I simply need to take in and enjoy this lag of the trip.    

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