Thursday, January 27, 2011

Coincidences? I Think Not.

Today God reminded me who's in control and that everything happens for a reason.  I had plans to have coffee with Leonie, but instead He brought someone to my house to have coffee with me (since as it turned out Leonie had to cancel our coffee time due to a man's passing in the community).  It's actually quite interesting how everything happened.  Had so many things been different this morning I would not have met Jeannie.  I was supposed to be gone but (as usual) I was running late.  Jeannie came to see Brian at work to drop something off but he wasn't in the office so she came to my door looking for him.  It was really cold and she was on foot so I asked her if she wanted to come in for coffee and we started chatting and sharing stories.  She mentioned she had a son going to school in Ottawa in a special program for Inuit students.  I was really excited to tell her about the article in January's edition of Reader's Digest (Titled "Northern Elite") about this school (Nunavut Sivuniksavut) and how the article highlights a young man from Coral Harbour.  Well would you believe that the young man in the article is Jeannie's son?  She had no idea about the article.  Can you imagine how excited she was to see her son's name, his story and his picture in READER'S DIGEST?  It made her day, probably her week, maybe even more.  Jeannie was encouraged today and I think she really needed it.  We had just been talking about how God only gives us what we can handle and nothing more.  I am humbled how God really does work things out for the good of those who love him.  I know this truth in my head but sometimes I need to be reminded.  Also, please note that my mother-in-law Donna was also part of The Plan today since she's the one who noticed the article in the first place and sent us a copy of the magazine...   Amazing.

Romans 8:28
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love himwho have been called according to his purpose.

The blessings didn't stop there.  I was able to go to my exercise class, I ran into a woman I had met only a few times and we talked about getting together to pray and tonight I received a letter from a woman back home.  This was a very pleasant surprise considering I didn't get to know this lady very well while I was in Selkirk.  I realize now through her writings that we have a few things in common.  The floodgates were opened today in many ways I never expected.  It's truly humbling.

P.S.  Brian is now famous.  He is indirectly mentioned in the article as it states a "two man RCMP detachment".  I hope it doesn't get to his head.

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