Saturday, January 8, 2011

Home Is Where Your Stuff Is.

It was pretty quick and almost painless.  The phone rang around 3am informing us that the "unpackers" were coming from the airport and at 4am we were crawling back into bed.  The boys never woke up.  A small miracle no doubt.  Our main level was completely jammed with boxes piled nearly to the ceiling with only a path to the kitchen and enough room to squeeze around the table for meals.  The boys (yes all three) had so much fun climbing and crawling over all the boxes with only a few bumps and bruises as a result.  Yes today, Brian and I win the award for being the worst parents.  We let them do everything short of running with scissors and drink Javex.  They watched plenty of TV, stayed in their jammies, ate cereal out of the box (making a huge mess), had candy and, as mentioned before, went on some serious escapades, all in the name of being able to unpack as many boxes as possible.  The boys were very excited and did help out in the little ways that they could (ie carrying stuff upstairs to their rooms).  Even Isaac got down to business by crumpling the packing paper down to the bottom of the box that Brian had stuffed him in.  It was an exhausting day.  The only "glitch" to all this (and really it's more of a blessing) is that they bumped 700lbs of our stuff off the place last night, therefore the rest of it should come next week.  This is good since it gives us a chance to hopefully unpack most of the stuff we have here right now.  

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  1. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. It's not like you leave your kids sitting in front of the TV with the cereal box every day... and it may even be a fun memory for them for a while. Some of my best memories as a kid were times where my parents threw the rules out the window for a day or an evening.

    Glad your stuff arrived and that you're able to start settling in properly. Talk to you soon!

    By the way, we definitely missed you at church yesterday. John was in a class all by himself, as Mary and her family weren't there. The younger class was just Mason and Jude, since Jenna and her family weren't there. Molly had Marissa and Tess all to herself in the nursery too.