Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our Stuff and Our Second Christmas

Our stuff isn't coming tonight.  I called Atlas Van Lines Moving company and it was always arranged for Friday night (which is what I originally thought).  They will be flying our stuff in from Thompson MB and will be delivering and unloading it in the middle of the night (is it too much to ask that my boys sleep through everything?).  I have requested that NOTHING gets unpacked.  Normally, being an RCMP move, they would unpack as much as we want but since it's in the middle of the night and it's a real pain to have all breakables on the floor where 3 little boys have a raceway, I decided that I wanted to unpack things myself as my own pace.
Hey do you want to know where your tax money is going?  I can tell you!  It going to pay for the charter plane that is carrying all of our stuff and ONLY our stuff.  This is the closest we'll ever be to having our own plane!  Since our stuff was supposed to arrive before Christmas our "manager" at the moving company is fitting for us to get our stuff soon and in one shipment (as opposed to a few boxes here and a few boxes there on the regular Calm Air plane).

Tonight was up there with Christmas morning.  Brian came home tonight with 13 boxes of blessed food.  We were the giddiest family as far as the eye could see.  We opened each box with great joy and anticipation.  "MINI WHEATS!!, CUCUMBERS!!, MILK!!, GARLIC!!,"  It was so much fun and it felt so good.  You guys reading this will never really have any idea.  I feel normal for the first time since we've moved!  There is something so comforting see the food we normally eat every day.  The Ward family would go through an english cucumber per day (it was Nathan and Isaac's favourite) and you should have seen us clapping and jumping when Brian unpacked the water-packed vegetables from the boxes.  Needless to say we cracked one open!  For supper I had a banana, an orange, cucumber, grapes and a yogourt.  I can't wait to have 100% all natural peanut butter tomorrow morning instead of the hydrogenated junk we've had to endure.  Brian enjoyed his tall glass of milk.  I was a proud mother tonight.  To see my kids so excited to have and eat fresh vegetables and fruit was awesome.  It's up there with a mother's top dream for her kids.  I cried one day talking to my friend Jenna because at the time I thought that my boys might lose their taste for the vast variety of healthy foods that they were accustomed to eat.  I feel so much better now.

If after reading this you think that I am a few sandwiches short of a picnic, well maybe the arctic air is getting to me, maybe it's cabin fever, whatever it is, it's amazing what a little "taste of home" (puns intended) can do!

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