Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Windy Day

On Sunday, January 2nd we had a wind storm with the strongest winds I had ever felt.  Visibility was terrible because of all the blowing snow and venturing outside was, well, an adventure.  The winds were so strong that I had trouble opening the truck door.  From the outside I needed to brace myself against the side of the truck with my left hand to then pull the handle with all I had with my right hand (now mind you I am a bit of a weakling but STILL!) and from the inside I had to push the door open with both feet to keep it from whacking me in the face.  Poor Nathan was knocked right over to the ground by the wind - it was actually quite funny to witness (but don't tell him that I laughed out loud at his "misfortune" ;o).  There were only a few in attendance at church (who can blame the snowmobilers and walkers!) and it was nearly cancelled because the lights kept flickering on and off (the same was happening at our house - I thought for sure that our New Year's dinner was going to consist of cold sandwiches but the electricity lines managed to hold up!).  Needless to say I was very thankful to have a warm home, warm clothes and a truck.  Apparently the wind storms can get much worse...  Now that will be something to experience!

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