Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vanity is out the door

Well let's just put it this way.  If Meghan my wonderful hairdresser at Burns & Black, a salon in downtown  Winnipeg was here, my hair would get chopped ALL off.  Think of Jessica Stroup's newer haircut.  What's the point of having anything more than a pixie around here?  I wash my hair, blowdry it, style it a little and then stuff my head under a belaclava, a hat AND a hood, daily.  By the time I get back home from picking Benjamin up from school, it was a waste of time.  There is no pouf, no oumf, no pizzazz.  Makeup is out of the question too.  Why wear any when it would all rub off onto my gear and whatever left would freeze on my face (I'm sure THAT would be good for the skin).  Even a bit of mascara would be an exercise in futility since the cold makes my eyes tear up like a teenager whose boyfriend just broke up with her.  Now for clothes, who wants to wear a nice pair of crispy jeans underneath a thick and bulky pair of snowpants? The easiest and most comfortable to wear under snowpants is a pair of tight leggings (poor Brian, it's not the most flattering outfit I own).  In order to be warm, I need to be comfortable.  So cute tops under my jacket simply don't cut it.
My point in pointing all this out is, when we first moved here I promised myself that I wouldn't let myself go.  I'm not the kind of person who spends hours on her looks - I'm actually rather plain compared to some.    I was going to however, keep on wearing my regular clothes (nothing fancy but nothing too frumpy either), do my hair and wear a bit of makeup.  I'm a mom of three boys living in the Canadian Arctic for Pete's sake I want to feel good and girly.  Well I'm not sure what the answer is to all of this but this is where I'm at  (at least until it warms up to maybe - 20s degrees instead of - 40s...  

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