Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rire Jaune

There is a French expression "rire jaune" that directly translates to laughing yellow.  I've tried many times to explain this expression to many friends over the years (most recently to my friend Jenna in Selkirk *wink*) and the closest that I've come is to describe it as laughing sarcastically or that nervous laugh when you know you shouldn't be laughing.  Your laughing, but it's not funny.  Anyway I was laughing yellow the other day when I opened a box that contained gardening tools and gloves and the Christmas tree water reservoir.  This is quite "funny" since a) we never wanted these things here in Coral in the first place b) there is no way we could EVER use these items here (no summers = no gardens or trees) and c) we are noticing that we are missing things.  The last one is the biggy.

Here are the missing items (the ones we've noticed so far - there's probably more)
1.  Thunder's 6 month supply of special diet cat food
2.  Brian's work binders, summer boots and other work related things
3.  Bunk bed pieces

While Brian's stuff can probably be replaced and we don't need the bunk beds right now (this house has 3 single beds), we are however, quickly running out of food for Thunder.  I don't know if they even sell cat food here at the stores and if they do, it could make his urinary tract problem worse.  Thankfully Brian is scheduled to go back to Selkirk for a couple days at the beginning of February for work, but will we make it to then?  What if his flight is cancelled thus cancelling his trip as well.  I know something will work out, but it's "funny" that we've received all the litter containers on which the food was resting on!  There are so many things we could have lived without but our cat needs this kind of food to live...  

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