Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Unpacking Woes

We are in the throngs of unpacking.  If we didn't have 3 young boys and little living space, unpacking might actually be kinda fun (ok maybe not...).  It's fun to finally get my stuff.  Here is a list of the few things that I was so happy to see again

1.  My body pillow (I never did wean myself from it after my pregnancies)
2.  All my kitchen stuff, but especially my slow cookers (I brought both my small and large slow cookers - yes I do use them both quite often thank you very much!)
3.  Scented candles
4.  My Epicure Spices (I used both the spices AND the slow cooker the first day I unpacked them!)
5.  My cookbooks.

I'll be honest:  I packed way too much stuff.  Well, I should say that I set aside way too much stuff for the packers to pack.  I'm telling you the truth though that it was DARN HARD trying to picture living without certain things for 4 years.  That's a long time - even if you use things once or twice a year that's still 4-8 uses!  Brian has been very good to me in the sense that he dare not say anything about how much stuff came up North (he better not since I had to do 99.9% of the sorting ;o).

Packers are funny.  They over pack some things while under packing others.  I found a box stuffed with packing paper that contained, get this, toilet paper rolls, and then I found my sewing machine unwrapped, on it's side, at the bottom of a big box (I need to check to see if it works).  While unpacking Isaac's box of clothing I noticed that something was really fowl smelling.  Well you can imagine my surprise when I found a very dirty diaper neatly wrapped in packing paper at the bottom of the box.  So I wonder if the packer laughed inside when he packed it?  Seriously as if one wouldn't notice a dirty smelly diaper!

So far we've found only 2 broken items (and by the state of some of the boxes it's a miracle there haven't been more casualties).  As one would imagine my yucky cheap glasses or dishes didn't suffer any (too bad), no, it's my nice pottery!  Mike and Renee (Brian's cousin and his wife) gave us a nice piece of pottery for Christmas one year.   You know, the one-of-a-kind type that you'll never be able to replace.  Yup that's the one that got smashed.  Not the Epicure baking dish that I can replace (it was right next to it!), nope, one of my favourite pieces.  The other piece was one of the mugs that people from Selkirk Community Church bought for us (me ;o) as a goodbye gift - I hadn't even had the chance to use them yet!  Hopefully Jenna can find a replacement for me - so that one's not too bad.

At suppertime the rest of our boxes came in and as I look behind me there's a box with upside down writing on it "Fragile.  This Side Up.  Dish Barrel".  Need I say more...    

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