Thursday, January 6, 2011

Our backyard

Finally Brian and I are able to upload pictures.  Hooray!  Up until a couple of days ago we were using our neighbours WiFi internet connection and couldn't upload or download anything as to not take up too much of their internet "amount".  You see here we pay for a certain bandwidth (certain "amount" of internet per month) and once you use it up you either have to buy more or go to the incredibly slow dialup.  Skype, unloads, downloads and YouTube for example will eat up the bandwidth...  So I will pick the best pictures to send add to this blog.

This is our back yard.  This is what I see every time I look outside my back windows.  The two sculptures are Inukshuks.  So far no one knows who built them.  In the summer there is water from the Hudson Bay but I'm not sure how much at this point (it's difficult to distinguish the ice from the land).  The boys and I routinely walk down to the sculptures and explore.  I look forward to seeing the vegetation that will grow here in the summer since presently there are plants that peek through the snow.

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