Friday, January 7, 2011

It's All Perspective

I can have a good attitude about most things if I have the right expectations or if somehow I can benefit from it.  Last night Brian and I were quite annoyed at Isaac because he was awake at 1am and was having trouble going back to sleep.  As per usual I looked outside and saw them again - the Lights.  They were even more spectacular then the first time I saw them so I told Brian to come see them.   Well all of a sudden there we were running to get the cameras (video and digital) and setting up makeshift tripods with pillows and clothes to be able to take nighttime pictures.  All of a sudden our annoyance turned into sheer awe and thankfulness.  Thankful that we were awake to be able to witness such beauty.  This morning, the walk to school was equally rewarding.  Usually I'm thinking that I'd rather be in bed instead of coaching along 2 boys to walk faster and pulling the third in the sled, but this morning I saw the first glorious glimpse of the sunrise.  A thin blood-orange strip hugged the horizon and contrasted with the dark blue sky more beautifully than black on white.  This morning, I was glad to be up and relished in God's wonderful works.  I was thankful that I took the time to enjoy them.  Hey, it's dark and cold and still quite strange to me here so I've got to hang on to the wonders where I can.

At suppertime the Northern lights were out again and this time we took the kids in the truck to see them.
They were awesome - spanning as far as the eye can see from horizon to horizon. Bright green ribbons dancing and the stars!!!  Wow, I've never seen so many stars.  It was weird being in complete darkness, stillness and without a sound (Brian had taken us about 10 minutes out of town on the airport road). We were all contained in the box of the truck and it was eerie when Brian turned on his flashlight to make sure there wasn't a polar bear lurking around...  When I asked Benjamin if he liked seeing the lights he said "it was cold".  Well there you have it.  Someday he will appreciate this, I think, especially since he'll be the one to remember this adventure the most.  We took some really nice pictures but they will be way better (less blurry) once we get our tripod...  I hope to post them soon on my blog but we are waiting for the camera cable to come with our stuff.

Speaking of our stuff, I am just about to go to bed and nobody knows for sure whether our stuff is flying in tonight or not.  So we MAY get a knock on the door in the middle of the night or we MAY not...  Oh well, such is the life in the North.  You can't bank on anything.  Once expectations are lowered and perspectives are well, put into perspective, it's actually not that bad...

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