Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Benjamin's First Day of School

Getting up when the alarm rang at 7am was really hard.  I loved Christmas vacation for the fact that we actually got to relax and sleep.  We were catching up and enjoying sleeping in a bit.  The boys never woke up before 7:30am and on a few occasions it was well past 8:30am (when having small children, this is a miracle!).  The extra darkness certainly helps to sleep, but this morning it made things harder.  We set out to walk Benjamin to school at 8:35am and it was still completely dark.  Yuck.  Nobody should be up and running when it's that dark, it's just not healthy (it motivated me to take my dose of vitamin D when I got home).  Anyway, Benjamin's teacher's name is Emma.  Yup, that's it, Emma.  No Mrs. Emma, just Emma (she is Inuit, very quiet but apparently good with the children).  His class has one other white child and it's Railey from next door.  I think the fact that Railey was there helped Benjamin be less timid.  He went in like a brave little soldier.  He also was comforted by the fact that here in Coral the kindergarteners go to school for only half days, but every day (Benjamin found the days very long at his previous school where he had to go all day every second day).  He said he liked it.  He mentioned that instead of having a snack and going outside for recess, they spent some time on the computers.  Huh, I guess they can do that here!  

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